Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Whose Who in the News (and why?!)

I came home work this evening and as always, checked the news online.

My eyes fell upon a headline regarding the death of Heath Ledger. I actually had to re-read the link a few times.

After seeing him in Ten Things I Hate About You (which I think came out when I was a teenager...) he's remained one of those movie-stars I consider to be "pretty dream-y" (if I may borrow some super-80's jargon.)

The news of his death is sort of a big deal at the moment considering he was indeed famous and his death occurred today.


The thing that gets me is that you would think that it is the only thing that happened today on the entire planet!

I'm starting to come around to completely hating news programs. The majority of it is highlights of the lives of celebrities- most of whom are famous for reasons no one can immediately recall.

Real news...say THE MARCH FOR LIFE...is virtually non-existent.

News programs simply do not reflect reality.

Good grief.


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